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April 25, 2007



Ah sweetie. I'll leave you with a shocking statement that might give you a few minutes of laughter.

I adore 4 ply yarn. I might not ever make myself another sweater using anything larger than an 8 and preferably a 5 or 6. Ideally I might just stick with 2's and 3's. I'm purging all my stash that doesn't fit the 4 per inch or more rule. Small yarn ROCKS!



Oh Katie, my heart goes out for you. Take care of yourself. I truely need to change fields of employment and yet feel this huge inertia -- maybe because I am afraid of the uncertainty you are now facing. Everything will work out in the end. I look forward to seeing the knitting.


Darling, darling, Katie! We love you, we're here for you and we know you'll be employed by someone who not only appreciates you for your incredible brains but also your enormous heart. xoxo!


I have dubbed 2007 the year of great change. This seems to be true for literally everyone I know. I have every confidence that you will handle this with grace, intelligence and wit.

And, if you need a little diversion, wait until you see the Rowan fall yarns and patterns. Scrumptious!!


Now, think of it this way: The greatest success in life is to work yourself out of a job. With your many talents, you will find the right job in the right place-- there IS NO DOUBT!!! You will be where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to do. This is true.

And if, by chance, you should end up again in the DC area, won't we just be the luckiest people in the world? And if you don't, perhaps one of your friends might enjoy keeping an eye on Rowan for you for a bit. (just to be clear-- I can't do animals.. wish I could, or I'd offer.)

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