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June 23, 2006



Katie, did you check your actual account page on eBay? Don't follow the link in the e-mail, just go on your browser. There's a phishing scheme out there that tells you your accont is being suspended and then directs you to go enter all your account info into what looks exactly like an eBay page but is really a way to get your personal info. There is a fraud link you can link at the real eBay to see more deails. (PayPal has also been hit with these schemes.)


I logged into my email this morning and found four emails, purpotedly from Ebay, telling me that the credit card I had on file with them had been used. This is a phishing scam, so I would contact them again and send them a copy of the email that you received. There has been an upsurge in phishing schemes the past few weeks - I love working in network security.

Hope all is well and Eloise looks fantastic!! I am tempted to take the Blossom that I have and make one, but instead I think I will just buy more :-)!!!


Hi, Katie--I echo what Shanti and Courtney said. I got those phishing emails, too. Don't open them via the link in that email. Log-in anew, instead. Good luck. And your kitty, Rowan, is just darling!


Hang in there. All will be well.... all will be well.....


Ditto - I get those things in my email - something about the credit card - but I don't actually have a credit card registered on EBay. You need to let Ebay know right away if you have given out any personal information and will have to get (yet another) new account I think since someone else has your information (if you provided it). Also, be careful with credit cards etc. Good luck!

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