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June 17, 2007



That is a gorgeous sweater! Congratulations on such a successful design.


Congratulations on a fabulous sweater, Katie! Are you going to write up the pattern for us?


It's gorgeous!! I loved the swatch when I saw it and the finished product is just amazing. I can't wait to see it in person (crossing fingers) and maybe getting the pattern (really crossing fingers).

Take care and keep us posted on Sudan.


(sorry - studying for the bar has made me extra-stupid, so that's the best I could come up with early in the morning!)

but OOOOOOO!!!! PRETTY!!!!!!


Katie, my love, it is fabulous. And all in over a little more than a month's time...? I can't even finish a basic moss stitch tank in two months!

I marvel.



amazing. simply amazing.


Katie, that is stunningly gorgeous. The collar - that's my favorite part! You did a fantastic job on it (not that I am at ALL surprised).

PS - if Rowan needs a place to stay while you're in the Sudan, Leo and I are more than willing. He's family to Leo, after all!


What a beautiful creation your City Tweed is! Will you be able to get much wear out of it in Sudan? If not, I'd be delighted to keep it for you for the DC metro area's winters. ;-)

But seriously, safe travels to you. What an adventurous life you lead!


Un-be-bleepin'-lievable!!!You are so utterly amazing. I'm not worthy.....

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