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April 09, 2007



The circular cardigan is elegant and gorgeous! Also, you wear it beautifully!! I am glad to hear that you now love it. I'm sending you applause and admiration :)


You! Look! Fantastic!


Wow! it looks amazing. Totally gorgeous, in the perfect color for you.

ps. I am also drooling over everything at that market.


Congrats on another beautiful FO! I particularly like the edging on your circular cardi.

And your hair is so cute! Have you had this 'do for a while now?

I'm sorry I missed your KH visit. Between family visiting and a nasty cold/allergies, I didn't go too far from my house.

But I hope you are well and enjoying what looks like a gorgeous spring over there!

Elle Kasey

That looks spectacular on you! And not in the "gee who the heck would ever wear a monstrosity like that but I guess she likes it" way.


The circular cardigan is just amazing. I am know inspired to start mine.

BTW - Love the shades.


It's really gorgeous. I did give this cricular sweater a great deal of consideration too, but passed on it because I didn;t have the yarn in stash and I am really trying to make a dent into the stash. It's a lot of knitting but it looks so fabulous on you that I have to put it back on the to do list


Simply beautiful! I love the pic of you sitting in the park. Simply stunning.

Linda Williams

The photo set Matt put online showed lovely you in the lovely circular cardigan wonderfully. Your photographer has an eye for beauty! I continue with my projects and drool over yours. Just gorgeous. A feast for the eyes!


I really admire your circular cardigan, it looks beautiful. I am hoping to have one made for me, as I have no skills in this area ;)
Does it have any buttons, or is it pinned at the front?

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